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Can Your Bearded Dragons Eat Cherries? Answer Is No

Are you wondering if your beloved bearded dragon can eat cherries? The answer is no. While cherries may look harmless, they can be hazardous to your pet’s health.

In this article, we’ll discuss the dangers of feeding cherries to bearded dragons, their typical diet, alternate food options and more!

Read on to learn why it’s important for you to keep these fruits far away from your scaly companion.

Key Takeaways

  • Feeding cherries to bearded dragons can have adverse dietary effects and cause digestive issues.
  • Cherries contain cyanide, a toxic compound that can be fatal to bearded dragons.
  • It is best to avoid feeding any type of cherry or cherry product to bearded dragons.
  • Bearded dragons should be offered a variety of vegetables and fruits as part of a balanced diet, but cherries should be excluded due to dietary restrictions and safety concerns.

What Are the Dangers of Feeding Cherries to Bearded Dragons

Feeding bearded dragons cherries can be dangerous. Cherries contain compounds that can have adverse dietary effects and cause digestive issues which may lead to serious health problems in these reptiles. Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding them any type of cherry or cherry product.

In addition, the pits of cherries contain cyanide, a toxic compound that can be fatal if ingested by your pet dragon. Instead, opt for better-suited fruits such as apples and apricots.

What Do Bearded Dragons Eat

When it comes to mealtime, you’ll want to make sure you’re offering your pet the right foods.

Bearded dragons are omnivores, eating a variety of plant and animal-based foods. They enjoy vegetables like kale, collard greens, squash, carrots, and zucchini as well as insects such as crickets and worms.

For treats, offer up fruits like apples or raspberries in moderation. Avoid giving them anything too sugary; this could lead to health problems later down the road.

Make sure all food is chopped into small pieces that they can easily swallow before serving it up!

What Are the Alternatives to Cherries

If you’re looking for alternatives to cherries, there are plenty of other fruits they can enjoy! Bearded dragons love vegetable treats like bell peppers and squash.

They also relish fruit options such as grapes, mangoes, and melons. Offer your pet a variety of these delicious snacks for a nutritious, balanced diet.

Plus, it’ll keep them entertained and excited about mealtime!

Are There Any Benefits to Feeding Cherries to Bearded Dragons

You’ll be pleased to know that feeding cherries to your bearded dragon can offer a variety of health benefits!

While it’s important to avoid any potential risks, understanding the nutrition facts of cherries can help ensure your pet is getting the best diet possible.

Cherries are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants which can boost immunity and support overall health. Additionally, they contain fiber which helps with digestion and healthy bowel movements.

For these reasons, offering small amounts of cherries can be beneficial for your dragon’s long-term wellbeing!

What Should You Do if Your Bearded Dragon Eats a Cherry?

If your bearded dragon has eaten a cherry, it’s important to monitor them for any adverse reactions. It is not recommended that you feed your bearded dragon cherries due to dietary restrictions and safety concerns.

Here are three steps to take if your pet has consumed a cherry:

  1. Observe – Watch closely for signs of discomfort or distress such as vomiting, lethargy, or changes in appetite.

  2. Call the Vet – If any symptoms arise, contact your veterinarian immediately as they can provide advice on how to proceed.

  3. Limit Access – Make sure cherries are out of reach of your pet going forward so this doesn’t happen again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Can I Feed Cherries to My Bearded Dragon?

You should not feed cherries to your bearded dragon. Instead, provide safe substitutes that meet their nutritional needs. High-quality crickets, mealworms, and vegetables are all excellent choices that will keep them healthy and happy.

Are There Any Special Requirements for Preparing Cherries for Bearded Dragons?

No, there aren’t any special requirements for giving bearded dragons cherries. However, their dietary needs must be taken into account to avoid potential health risks. Consider other healthy options that meet their nutritional needs without the risk of adverse effects.

Are There Any Side Effects if My Bearded Dragon Eats a Cherry?

Reducing risk is important – alternative foods are a better option. Eating cherries could cause digestive issues for your bearded dragon, so it’s best to avoid them.

Are Cherries Safe for Other Types of Reptiles?

No, cherries are not safe for other types of reptiles. Lizards and turtles need a specific diet to stay healthy, and cherries do not provide the necessary nutrition. Be sure to research the right food for your pet reptile to ensure their safety.

Can I Feed Cherries to My Bearded Dragon in Moderation?

No, you should not feed cherries to your bearded dragon. Proper nutrition is important and there are many alternative treats that provide the necessary nutrients. Consider other food sources for your reptile friend’s health and wellbeing.


No, your bearded dragon should not eat cherries. While they may seem like a tasty treat to you, they can be dangerous for your pet and cause serious health issues.

Instead, stick to the foods that are recommended for their diet like vegetables, fruits, insects, and other proteins.

If your bearded dragon does accidentally consume a cherry, make sure to monitor it closely and contact a vet if any signs of distress appear.

Be sure to provide plenty of fresh water when feeding them anything besides their regular diet too!

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