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How To Leave Your Bearded Dragon Home Alone While Vacation

Going on vacation can be exciting, but it’s hard to leave your beloved pet behind. If you have a bearded dragon, you can still enjoy your trip knowing that they’re at home safe and sound.

This article will provide helpful tips on how to best prepare for leaving them alone while you’re away. From making arrangements for care to setting up a feeding schedule, we’ll help ensure that your dragon is well taken care of during your absence.

Key Takeaways

  • Install safety measures and secure the habitat to ensure the bearded dragon’s safety.
  • Find reliable pet sitters or trusted contacts experienced with reptiles to care for the bearded dragon.
  • Establish a feeding schedule with proper nutrition and monitor the pet’s weight while you’re away.
  • Provide enrichment and entertainment to keep the bearded dragon occupied and stimulated.

Preparing The Home

Preparing the home for a bearded dragon while away on vacation will ensure their safety and comfort.

  • Install safety measures such as locks or cages.
  • Set up the habitat with fresh bedding, food, and water.
  • Ensure all plants are secure and out of reach.
  • Check for any access to wires or items that may be harmful to your pet.
  • Inspect windows and doors to guarantee no unwanted critters get in during your absence.

Don’t forget to also make sure your dragon is safe from any dangers when you’re gone!

Making Arrangements for Care

Arranging for care of your bearded dragon while you’re away on vacation is essential. Finding pet sitters or identifying trusted contacts are the best options to ensure your pet is taken care of.

Ask individuals who have experience with reptiles and provide detailed instructions about their diet and other needs. Consider scheduling multiple visits per day, especially if they need a live food source, and discuss payment arrangements ahead of time.

It’s important to make sure your beardie will be in safe hands while you’re away!

Setting Up A Feeding Schedule

Creating a feeding schedule for your beardie is important to ensure they’re getting the proper nutrition while you’re away. Follow these steps to create a successful plan:

  1. Establish the timing of meals: when and how often?
  2. Provide variety: mix up proteins, veggies, and fruits.
  3. Choose safe ingredients: stick with store-bought food only!
  4. Monitor their weight: check in regularly to make sure your pet is healthy and happy.

With these tips, you can rest assured that your beardie will be well taken care of while you’re away!

Providing Enrichment and Entertainment

Enriching and entertaining your beardie doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of fun activities you can do to keep them occupied while you’re away.

Get creative with interactive toys like ladders, hammocks, and hideaways. These toys will provide your beardie with stimulation and entertainment.

Stimulate them mentally by providing different live plants to explore. Rearrange their enclosure as often as possible to keep things interesting for them.

These activities will help provide a sense of freedom and security for your beardie when you’re not around.

Monitor and Adjust as Needed

Monitoring and adjusting your pet’s environment as needed is essential to ensure their wellbeing while you’re away. Here’s a quick list of things to check before you leave:

  1. Check the humidity levels.
  2. Research a vet in the area if needed.
  3. Schedule someone to check on your bearded dragon periodically.
  4. Make sure that food, water, and hiding places are easily accessible.

Be sure to double-check these items so your pet can stay safe and healthy while you’re away!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can My Bearded Dragon Go Without Food?

Your bearded dragon can go up to two weeks without food, as long as you have set up a routine with heat lamps. Make sure the temperature is correct for their breed and they will be just fine!

What Temperature Should the Terrarium Be Set at While I’m Away?

To ensure proper temperature regulation, set the heat management in the terrarium to between 75-85°F. Keep a thermometer nearby and adjust as necessary.

Is It Safe to Leave My Bearded Dragon Alone for a Long Period of Time?

It is generally not safe to leave your bearded dragon alone for long periods of time. Consider setting up a caretaker and providing appropriate lighting, food, and water while you are away. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your pet’s wellbeing.

What Are Some Safe Enrichment Activities for My Bearded Dragon?

Relocate the terrarium and ensure UV lighting for safe enrichment activities. Get creative; hide treats, add logs, branches for climbing, and provide a variety of textures to explore! Give your dragon freedom to create its own environment.

Is There a Risk of My Bearded Dragon Getting Too Stressed While I’m Away?

Yes, there is a risk of your bearded dragon getting stressed while you’re away. Proper cage cleaning and stress management are key to keeping them content. Utilize these tools to ensure they remain healthy and relaxed while you’re gone.


Leaving your beardie home alone for a vacation doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right preparation and care, you can ensure that your little friend will be comfortable and safe while you’re away.

Make sure to set up a feeding schedule, provide enrichment activities, and monitor the situation as needed.

With these steps in place, you can rest easy knowing that your beloved beardie is well looked after!

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