Ful, close-up image of a bearded dragon tank with various decorations, foliage, and hideouts to illustrate 11 ways to enhance the décor

11 Ways On How You Can Enhance Bearded Dragon Tank Décor

Do you want to give your bearded dragon a home that is both comfortable and fun? Enhancing its tank décor can help! With the right supplies, you can create an aesthetically pleasing space that will also provide your reptile with stimulation.

Here are 11 ways to get started:

  • Adding fake plants
  • Utilizing driftwood
  • Including rock hideouts
  • Placing sand and gravel
  • Putting in a water bowl
  • Installing a background
  • Using a substrate heater
  • Creating an open area
  • Accessorizing with toys
  • And more.

By incorporating these elements into your bearded dragon’s tank, you can create a visually appealing and engaging environment for your pet.

Key Takeaways

  • Incorporate a variety of decorative elements such as fake plants, driftwood, terrarium waterfall, and colorful rocks to enhance the bearded dragon tank décor.
  • Create a natural and textured look by using large driftwood, live plants, non-toxic materials, and appropriate rocks, while avoiding sharp edges and chemical treatments.
  • Ensure the habitat is properly set up by choosing an appropriate substrate, placing water bowls and décor objects securely, and regularly changing out décor for a fresh look.
  • Enhance lighting and heat in the tank by hanging a heat lamp, adding light fixtures, incorporating a cool spot, installing a background, and using a substrate heater for warmth and comfort.

Add Fake Plants

Adding fake plants to your bearded dragon tank décor can help create a more natural look. Artificial foliage can be illuminated for extra ambiance and add color to the tank.

They can also provide much needed hiding spaces for your pet, allowing them to feel secure. Realistic-looking plants are available in a range of shapes and sizes, so you’ll find something that fits perfectly in your tank’s design.

Illuminated plants bring an extra level of beauty and intrigue, making it a unique place for your beardie to explore and thrive!

Utilize Driftwood

Adding driftwood to your bearded dragon’s tank can be an excellent way to add atmosphere and integrate texture.

Driftwood provides a natural look that will make the environment more inviting and bring out the personality of your pet.

It also provides a platform for basking, climbing, and hiding, making it an ideal choice for any terrarium setup.

Add Atmosphere

You can easily give your bearded dragon’s tank a more inviting atmosphere by adding decorative accents, lighting fixtures, and other items. Here are four ideas:

  1. Place small plants in the background for an inviting feel.
  2. Add a terrarium waterfall to provide soothing water sounds.
  3. Install dimmable LED lights to create a naturalistic look.
  4. Utilize colorful rocks and stones as décor accents.

Integrate Texture

Integrate texture into your reptile habitat by adding textured items such as driftwood or branches.

Contrasting colors will make the décor pop, while the added textures provide visual and tactile stimulation for your pet.

Don’t be afraid to add some rocks too; they can work wonders in creating a warm and inviting environment.

With careful planning, you can easily create a stunning bearded dragon tank that’s also stimulating and comfortable for your pet!

Include a Rock Hideout

Creating a natural look for your bearded dragon tank décor is important for their health and wellbeing. To do this, select appropriate rocks to include in the enclosure that are large enough for them to hide underneath or climb on top of.

This will provide them with a rock hideout they can explore and use as an area to retreat when feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Select Appropriate Rocks

Choose rocks for your bearded dragon tank that will provide a safe and comfortable environment. Select materials that are non-toxic, easy to clean, and won’t scratch the glass in the tank.

Determine size such that they fit comfortably into the enclosure, are not too heavy for your dragon to move, and create a varied landscape.

Make sure to:

  1. Avoid sharp or jagged edges
  2. Check for any chemical treatments
  3. Look for porous rocks with holes
  4. Choose colors that match the décor

Create Natural Look

Now that you’ve chosen the appropriate rocks for your bearded dragon tank décor, it’s time to create a natural look.

Incorporate foliage into the design by using large pieces of driftwood and live plants.

Additionally, use foliage accents like mosses, ferns, and succulents to give a realistic feel to the environment.

Adding these elements will help bring your tank to life and make it look more inviting.

Place Sand and Gravel

Adding sand and gravel to the tank is an important part of setting up a bearded dragon’s habitat. Choose a substrate appropriate for your pet, such as calcium-rich sands or reptile substrates. Make sure you don’t use anything too small that can be ingested by your pet.

Place water bowls, substrate heaters, and other décor objects in different areas of the tank for the dragon to explore. Setting up an attractive habitat with these items will help keep them happy and healthy!

Put in a Water Bowl

Adding a water bowl to your bearded dragon’s terrarium is essential for their health and wellbeing. Make sure to secure it firmly in place so that your reptilian friend can’t knock it over or climb inside.

Additionally, choose a shallow bowl so that they don’t accidentally drown themselves.

Place Securely

Make sure you place the décor securely in your bearded dragon tank so it won’t move around. Use fixtures to mount items such as rocks, plants, logs, and other accessories. Attach them with screws, suction cups, or adhesive to ensure they stay put and don’t harm the animal.

Securely mounting décor will create a safe environment for your pet!

Use Shallow Bowl

Using a shallow bowl can help keep décor in place. Incorporate one to add interest and stability to your bearded dragon tank. Choose décor that will fit the size of the bowl and won’t be too heavy or sharp-edged for safety reasons.

It’s an easy way to create an interesting display with minimal effort. Plus, you can change out the décor whenever you want for a fresh look!

Change Regularly

Changing out your décor regularly is an easy way to refresh the look of your tank. Monitor lighting conditions and change out when needed, such as every few days or weeks.

Here are 4 tips:

  • Use different textures of items with varied shapes.
  • Make sure the décor isn’t too large for the tank.
  • Choose materials that last longer in changing temperature and humidity.
  • Monitor water quality changes by changing often.

Creating a beautiful space while keeping safety in mind will help keep your bearded dragon happy!

Hang a Heat Lamp

Hanging a heat lamp is an essential way to enhance your bearded dragon tank décor. Position it correctly for adequate basking and select the right wattage for the size of the tank. Get creative with how you hang it by using colorful rope or a special hook, but make sure it’s secure.

Add light fixtures like lava lamps, string lights, or disco balls to add more color and fun to your décor. Make sure that all fixtures are safely positioned away from any combustible items and are not in direct contact with water or humidity.

Incorporate a Cool Spot

To create a balanced environment in your pet tank, incorporating a cool spot is essential. Adding contrast and texture to the tank is simple with items like rocks, artificial plants, and climbing structures. With these elements you can:

  1. Create an area of refuge for your bearded dragon,
  2. Increase humidity levels with damp soil or moss,
  3. Provide shade for basking areas by adding leaves/branches,
  4. Add visual appeal with natural decoration.

Incorporating a cool spot doesn’t have to be complicated; it just needs to provide comfort and security for your reptile friend!

Install a Background

Installing a background is an easy way to add depth and texture to your pet’s habitat. It can also help provide lighting options and temperature control. Opt for a realistic or abstract scene that enhances the environment of your pet’s tank.

Choose one made from durable material like PVC, so it won’t fade or get damaged over time. Secure it firmly in place with clips or suction cups, and watch as your bearded dragon explores its new world!

Install a Substrate Heater

Adding a substrate heater to your pet’s habitat is an essential way to provide warmth and comfort for them. Incorporate it into the tank décor and monitor temperature regularly. Place the heater under the substrate, not on top of it. Make sure the area around the heater remains clear of any decorations or furniture. Keep a thermometer in the tank to ensure proper temperatures are maintained at all times! This will help your bearded dragon stay happy and healthy, while also creating a cozy atmosphere in its home.

Create an Open Area

Now that you’ve installed a substrate heater, it’s time to create an open area.

Get creative with ideas for room design and provide an inviting space! Allow your bearded dragon to explore by using decorations like plants and rocks, or set up perches for them to rest.

Make sure there are plenty of places to hide so they feel safe and secure.

Be imaginative in how you use the available space, while still following guidelines for proper care.

Accessorize With Toys

Spruce up your open area with fun toys and accessories! Pet enrichment and interactive play can be achieved by adding things like:

  1. A scratch pad – This will provide a surface for your pet to engage in natural scratching behavior.
  2. Climbing vines – These will help stimulate movement and encourage exploration, giving your pet a chance to exercise and have fun.
  3. Swings or hammocks – These will serve as comfortable lounging areas and cozy hideaways for your pet to relax and unwind.
  4. Tunnels or tubes – These are perfect for keeping your pet entertained while also providing cover from potential predators.

Your pet will surely appreciate these additions to their open area!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean the Tank?

Clean your tank at least every two weeks, depending on its size. Change the water as needed and always keep an eye on it to make sure it’s clean.

What Temperature Should the Tank Be Maintained At?

Maintain your tank between 75-85°F. A heat lamp is essential; adding live plants and water features can help create a more natural environment. Be sure to monitor the temperature carefully for the health and safety of your pet!

What Kind of Substrate Should I Use?

Adding plants and natural rocks can make your bearded dragon tank look great. Look for a non-toxic, sand-like substrate which will provide a safe and comfortable environment. Consider eco-earth or coconut fiber as they are all natural and easy to maintain.

How Often Should I Feed My Bearded Dragon?

Feed your bearded dragon a gut-loading diet of live insects every other day for optimal health. Offer variety and ensure your dragon is receiving all essential nutrients.

Do I Need to Provide a UVB Light?

Yes, you should provide a UVB light for your bearded dragon. Make sure it’s high quality and positioned correctly to ensure proper lighting. This is essential for the health of your reptile.


You’ve now got all the tools to create a beautiful home for your pet bearded dragon.

With the right décor elements in place, you can provide them with a safe and comfortable environment that will help keep them healthy and happy.

Use fake plants, driftwood, rocks hideouts, sand/gravel, water bowls, backgrounds, substrate heaters and open areas to make their home look great.

And don’t forget to accessorize with fun toys too!

Now you can sit back and watch as your beloved pet enjoys their new space!

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